Aztec Media Company
has been producing MOVING PICTURES WITH SOUND for local, regional
and national television and private businesses for over 20 years!

We've created literally THOUSANDS of quality TV ads from scratch!
and - we have tagged thousands more national spots and corporate campaign
commercials for Colorado and local business!

Looking to declutter your cabinets? We have handled countless hours of media conversion. No matter if you are going to the web, the cloud, YouTube, Vimeo, DVD, CD, or whatever else. Analog to digital formats, and back again. Your entire tape, vinyl, or film collection to digital files, delivered via hard drive, flash drive, DVD, or through virtual storage.

Aztec Media Company stays in business because we believe in SERVICE, QUALITY, and VALUE.


We also specialize in long format recording, Live event video, Studio production, Multi-Cam production, and so very much more. Chances are if there is need for video, we can handle it.

Below are a few examples of some of our recent work.

Advance Joy Music Festival at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort
May, 2014
- Promo Video


XCEL Energy HomeSmart, regionally airing television commercial."Dishwasher"
Produced by Aztec Media - 2013

DeFuser Pepper Spray Commercial. National syndication. Produced in partnership with FYI Media.




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